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Gray Panthers Steering Committee Meeting

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February’s  Gray Panthers Steering Committee Meeting is scheduled for February 4, 2016, 6:30 PM until 8 PM. The meeting will be held at Transportation Alternatives' graciously provided conference room space. We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Contact Jack Kupferman for location details. Tel: (917) 535 0457; email:

Change the Way you Think About Age!

Madeline Scotto - 101, Ida Keeling - 100, Lilian Pollak - 100 and Maude Pettus- 101 are sharing their stories, their views on ageing and their plans for the future in an inspiring video!

You think you know what it means to be 100 years old? Centenarians have busy, fulfilling lives and they set future goals for themselves. Meet some unforgettable centenarians who are proof that older persons are vital resources—not burdens. Inspired by the work of the legendary Gray Panthers and the NGO Committee on Ageing, and produced by the office of the UN Focal Point on Ageing at the United Nations, this video will be the highlight of your day.

Seniors need a safer Queens Boulevard


Gray Panthers is concerned about the ageism of our city streets.  Pedestrian safety for older persons and for everyone is a critical concern.  No one should die or be injured just for crossing the street.  Queens Boulevard has long been known as the Boulevard of Death.  Let's make it the Boulevard of Life.

Here is the op-ed just published in the Queens Times Ledger on just this important topic.  Vision Zero, the City's initiative to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries must always include the concerns of older persons. Please read our op-ed.  We'd really like to hear your comments.  Please respond both to the Queens Times Ledger directly, to your City Council members, and of course to us.

Read Op-ed here.. 

Congratulations to our 2015 summer interns, Brendan Birth and Florence Shen, who (in collaboration with Jack Kupferman) created and executed this important survey of seniors along Queens Boulevard to hear their views on improving pedestrian safety along this overused corridor.

Spotlight: Edith Cresmer, Medicare Rights Volunteer


Edith Cresmer has been a volunteer with the Medicare Rights Center for more than 10 years, helping our team field countless calls to our Helpline from people struggling to understand and access their health care benefits. Not only has she assisted hundreds of older adults and people with disabilities during her tenure with us, she is also a donor. 

Recently, sat down with Edith for a Q&A, and here is what we learned.

Gray Panthers Summer Picnic
By: Brendan Birth, Intern

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On Sunday, July 19, the Gray Panthers, NYC Network held a picnic at Bryant Park. The weather was gorgeous (if a little hot), the food was terrific, and the setting was a refreshing change-of-pace from what I attended a few days before the picnic: the United Nations’ 6th Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA). Furthermore, it was wonderful for me, an intern, to associate faces with the names I see in many of the Gray Panthers’ e-mails. Thank you to all who attended for making this picnic a wonderful experience.

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Do you want to get involved? Work with us at Gray Panthers, Age and Youth in Action toward a world closer to our ideals. 917 535 0457.

Jack Kupferman 
Gray Panthers, NYC Network
Tel: (917) 535 0457; email:

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