We are so proud.  One of our fabulous summer interns, Erica Sanders, delivered a short and powerful statement to delegates and advocates at the 2018 Open Ended Working Group on Ageing at United Nations Headquarters.  It is important for the world to see that both younger and older generations are troubled by the lack of protections for the human rights of older persons.  Read a copy of the statement developed and delivered by the Gray Panthers interns here and watch a video clip of Erica’s effective delivery, below.  “Age and Youth in Action”.

Gray Panthers vigorously represents the concerns of older persons and all who are aging.  This year, at the UN's High Level Political Forum, we made inroads.  We represent the people who need assistance.  In this video clip, Jack Kupferman is asking a direct and pointed question to the country of Andorra.  The world is listening. And, you can, too.

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Gray Panthers was so honored to be asked to participate in the Observance of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day at United Nations headquarters on June 14, 2018.  Our comments begin at minute 36. Click or tap on image below to view broadcast via UN Web TV.

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Are you tired of inequities, of ageist policies, of being invisible?  Gray Panthers is a prime sponsor of the first Age Justice Rally, organized by our partner at the Radical Age Movement.  Gray Panthers expects to have a contingent of 10 Gray Panthers to support this first ever rally.  Sign up here .   Tell us how you want to help . 
When: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 at 4:30pm - 7pm 
Where: Union Square Park
More details here.

Gray Panthers' participation was covered by media as far away as Malawi and by Brooklyn College journalism students who interviewed Jack Kupferman about Gray Panthers in this documentary film made during the March for Our Lives in New York City on March 24th, 2018, made by Peter Woodyard, Damir Kamalov, Joanne Li, Rebecca Johnson, Nataly Sanchez, Matteo Pizzocaro, Paul Crucero and Sebastian Sanchez, all of whom are Brooklyn College students. .

Follow groundbreaking Ashton Applewhite, an active member of Gray Panthers and catch her explosive debut on TED! She is a clarion voice for all of us who fight ageism.

Take a look at this provocative video on ageism in medicine.  You're bound to be better informed.  Ageism is everywhere.  This video just reminds us to be alert.  And, if you haven't done so already, register for our upcoming event - Ageism: Why It Matters, co-sponsored by Gray Panthers and the Yale Alumni Non Profit Alliance. Tickets available here.

Maggie Kuhn on Ageism

Maggie Kuhn Award presented to Gray Panthers NYC

Gray Panthers NYC was honored and thrilled to be a recipient of the 2016 Maggie Kuhn Award, presented annually since 1995 by PSS.  The award was accepted by Jack Kupferman and Joan Davis on May 5, 2016 at The Harvard Club.  The eponymous Maggie Kuhn was the founder of Gray Panthers in the early 1970s, a revolutionary movement of young and old in action. Gray Panthers NYC’s Action and Advocacy Against Ageism continues to stand and fight for a society more just and humane for people of all ages. [GP NYC award starts around 12:00 into the video.]

Madeline Scotto - 101, Ida Keeling - 100, Lilian Pollak - 100 and Maude Pettus- 101 are sharing their stories, their views on ageing and their plans for the future in an inspiring video! 

You think you know what it means to be 100 years old? Centenarians have busy, fulfilling lives and they set future goals for themselves. Meet some unforgettable centenarians who are proof that older persons are vital resources—not burdens. Inspired by the work of the legendary Gray Panthers and the NGO Committee on Ageing, and produced by the office of the UN Focal Point on Ageing at the United Nations, this video will be the highlight of your day.

Frances Zainoeddin, Gray Panther, was interviewed following the 2015 Commemoration of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day at the United Nations.  She, and all Gray Panthers, work tremendously hard to ensure that the voices of older persons are heard; that older persons and younger persons working together can accomplish great things; that ageism and all discriminatory behaviors must be eliminated. 

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