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Gray Panthers reacts to Attorney General's report on nursing homes handling of COVID-19 pandemic.

Gray Panthers is deeply disturbed with the findings in Attorney General Letitia James' report on how nursing homes handled the COVID-19 pandemic. We had hoped that the reforms resulting from the nursing home audit we helped trigger in 2018 would prevent a situation similar from what Attorney General James reported, but they did not. Clearly, nursing homes in New York State are in desperate need of further reforms.

NYC COVID-19 Vaccine Finder

For those who are over 75 years of age, and/or belong to other vaccination categories (such as health care workers, teachers, first responders), here is the link from the City of New York to determine whether you may be eligible for an appointment to be vaccinated agains COVID 19. 

We're all eager to get vaccinated.

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The Forgotten History of the Radical ‘Elders of the Tribe’

By Susan J. Douglas
Dr. Douglas is the author of “In Our Prime: How Older Women Are Reinventing the Road Ahead.”

Sept. 8, 2020

By the mid-1970s, she was a national celebrity. She had speaking engagements all over the country; she traveled 100,000 miles annually, giving at least 200 talks a year. She was all over the TV: “The Phil Donahue Show,” the “Today” show and “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson, multiple times. Media monikers for her included “ball of fire,” “dynamo” and the now-problematic “feisty.” In 1978, the World Almanac named her one of the 25 most influential women in the United States. Shortly before she died in 1995, ABC News profiled her as its “Person of the Week.”

She was Maggie Kuhn, the woman who, 50 years ago, founded the Gray Panthers, a movement to encourage activism — sometimes radical activism — among the country’s older people. Today, both Kuhn and her movement have been all but forgotten. But their mission is worth remembering, commemorating and perhaps even resurrecting, especially in the present moment.

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Gray Panthers' Statement

We, at Gray Panthers, share the pain of so many today.  It’s impossible to not feel deeply affected by the inherent unequal police treatment and racist death of George Floyd - helpless and the object of police brutality.  It’s long overdue that many of the inequities underlying American culture be exposed - racism, discrimination, and police brutality which particularly affects African Americans. Of course, Gray Panthers condemns these prejudices and actions.  

As do most Americans, we honor the life of George Floyd and are horrified by his passing. 

 It’s not only the fury that Americans feel after watching the death of George Floyd as he was dying from police brutality “I can’t breathe” “Momma!” Floyd, 46, calls out. “Momma! I’m through,” the dying man says. 

 It’s not only the call to action due to the racist murder of George Floyd.  

 It’s not only the incompetence and almost authoritarian tendencies and actions of the current White House denizens.  The threat from the president of the United States to turn its military on peacefully protesting American citizens is not only anti-American and unconstitutional but reflects a dangerous mindset.

 It’s not only the fear of a serious economic downturn that may become as severe as the Great Depression. 

 It’s not only the heightened awareness of police brutality.

 It’s not only the specter of military action by the US military against US citizens peaceably redressing their grievances through protests in the streets.   

 It’s not only the lack of compassion, refusal to assist, or even to express empathy from the nation’s leaders.  

 It’s not only the constant lying by the president of the United States along with his advisors. 

 It’s not only the exposure of all of this nation’s inequities, prejudices, and all forms of discrimination.  Racism and other discriminatory -isms have been laid bare.  

 And, it is also that, daily, we see the scourge of ageism exposed. The COVID 19 pandemic hits most significantly older people. During this pandemic, we’ve been told (even by some elected officials) that older people are of little value.  They should die in order to allow others to have better economic situations. 

 It’s also a call to action. 

 First, let’s make love the priority.


Raise your voice for positive change.

Stay safe and healthy.

Remain the patriotic and loving Americans that you are.


With love and strength so that we all get through these challenging times.

 We appreciate you.

 Gray Panthers NYC

Senior Strong in NYC

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Welcome to a community where older New Yorkers and those who love them can find trusted resources to help you through this challenging time. Get the information and support you need right here, from governmental services available in your area to online games you can play with your family!  We hope you find value and comfort in these pages. We will continually update our selection of resources as situations evolve and in accordance with your feedback. We salute your resilience and are honored to contribute to your health during these very challenging days – we are stronger together, and we believe in a #SeniorStrongNYC.

With Love,
Jack Kupferman, President, Gray Panthers NYC
Dan Schneider, Executive Director,
Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation


This is a PSA brought to you by The Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation and The Gray Panthers NY. 

Seeking resources for NY Seniors during COVID-19?



Gray Panthers & Florence Belsky Charitable Foundation proudly present a carefully curated set of resources for NYC seniors and volunteer opportunities for those who love them during this COVID-19 crisis. Seniors in NYC, we want you to be living and thriving in these challenging days. Those who want to help, we want you to be contributing to the wellbeing of our older friends through your preferred activity. 

Jack Kupferman, President, Gray Panthers NYC
Dan Schneider, Executive Director, Florence Belsky Charitable
Foundation (“Flobel”) Joint Response to the coronavirus crisis in New York and elsewhere.

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!! Gray Panthers is a signatory to this important letter to the World Health Organization.  We demand that the concerns of older persons must be addressed in health care delivery and prevention during this global pandemic. 

Read letter here... 

If you are interested in doing more, please let us know.  We could use your help.

!! The Gray Panthers is partnering with the Florence Belsky Foundation to create, populate, and disseminate a resource page for older persons in New York City during the coronavirus crisis. This page will include resources for comfort, anxiety reduction, love, spiritual resources, scams, government information, and more. By providing these resources, Gray Panthers hopes to play its part in getting people, and particularly older persons, through this crisis.

We hope you will join us in putting together this resource page. If you are interested in helping us work on this resource page, please contact us.

Spotlight: Edith Cresmer, Medicare Rights Volunteer


Edith Cresmer has been a volunteer with the Medicare Rights Center for more than 10 years, helping our team field countless calls to our Helpline from people struggling to understand and access their health care benefits. Not only has she assisted hundreds of older adults and people with disabilities during her tenure with us, she is also a donor. 

Recently, Medicare sat down with Edith for a Q&A, and here is what we learned.

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