A member speaks up

A recent article on Cleveland.com titled The emerging era of the centenarian creates painful challenges for the old and the young (article also available here …) elicited this response by Graypanthers member Jill Gerson.

September 19, 2013

Hello Mr. Morris,

  I am responding to your human and readable article ‘The emerging era of centenarians creates painful challenges for the old and the young.” (Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sept. 15, 2013.) The narrative by Judge Capers with whom I had the great pleasure of sharing experiences  while I, too was at Judson Manor clearly highlights the distressing power differences and concomitant fears between generations.  The Gray Panthers addresses this divide and develops commonalities shared by youth and age   

       The Gray Panthers (www.graypanthers.org) is an international organization of intergenerational activists, fighting against ageism and all assumptions about “the other”.  Unifying age and youth; honoring the possibilities for personal development, innovation and fulfillment across the life span are core values.  We are a mission driven organization of all ages – we are activists. 

  Maggie Kuhn,   foundress of The Gray Panthers aptly states,” Power should not be concentrated in the hands of so few and powerlessness in the hands of so many... Old Age is not a disease. It is strength and survivorship, triumph over vicissitudes trials and illness”. I am searching for Ohio colleagues who might begin a network in our state. jersonperson@gmail.com

Very truly yours, 

Dr. Jill Gerson



Cleveland, Ohio

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