Ageing and Age-Disaggregated Data

June 26, 2018

Gray Panthers is honored to participate in the first official meeting of a new global commission on “Ageing and Age-Disaggregated Data” held on June 26, 2018 in Chichester, England.  Reliable data on older persons is often too hard to find.  Around the world, information on older persons is not event collected.   

This is, perhaps, one of the most important methods to confront ageism.  At its core, ageism is the invisibility of older persons.  Without reliable data, there cannot be effective policies and programs for older persons.

Enthusiasm is high. Many countries and NGOs are eager to participate.  38 countries are represented at this first meeting.  Data collection is complex and may be boring to many, yet the accompanying standard of expertise here is very high and always careful. 

Gray Panthers will be among the NGO’s working toward improving the quality of data and information regarding older persons.  What an honor for us.  

One of the most important innovations in the Sustainable Development Goals had been the requirement that several dimensions, including by age, should separate data. 

Gray Panthers had been intimately involved in the advocacy to assure that the concerns of older persons would be explicitly included in the Sustainable Development Goals. We can now draw a line from the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals to this new global commission.  

Would you like to help us make the world a less ageist one? 

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