GP joined New Yorkers at the March for Our Lives

Gray Panthers joined an estimated 200,000 other New Yorkers at the March for Our Lives demonstration on March 24. Our banner drew lots of attention, with many people appreciating our support for young people. We explained that we fight ageism in all its forms. The march demonstrated that stereotypes of young people as thoughtless, self-absorbed and irresponsible are wrong. Denise Eardman wrote us, “I remain humbled and inspired by their mature ability to mobilize for a cause that affects them specifically, and all of us.” 

Likewise, it is ageist to stereotype older people as disengaged from the world. Our presence at the march showed our solidarity with people of all ages. Janet Karim reports that she was met with numerous women who wanted to take pictures of her sign.

Our participation was covered by media as far away as Malawi (http ://www . maravipost . com/my-take-on-it-students-organize-global-march-for-our-lives-protest-rally/) and by Brooklyn College journalism students who interviewed Jack Kupferman about Gray Panthers. https://www . youtube . com/watch?v=AsVkFdbAJgc&t


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