Gray Panthers At MIPAA


September 20, 2016

In Lisbon, Portugal, from September 20-22, 2017, Gray Panthers (represented by Jack Kupferman and Frances Zainoeddin) joined hundreds of Ministers, providers and advocates from Europe and North America for the review of the UN global framework for older persons - MIPAA.

At this high level Ministerial Conference, the need to address the quickly growing population of older persons is well understood and is a priority for all these nations.  Gray Panthers worked towards educating global leaders, including ministers and top level managerial teams on the linkages between the Sustainable Development Goals and the human rights initiative for older persons.  

In an enlightening panel discussion, Frances provided a rationale and deeper understanding of the importance of the SDGs as they relate to older persons.  Jack’s meetings with the World Health Organization, younger advocates seeking intergenerational partnerships, and innumerable like-minded organizations from across Europe, Canada and the US, may be a spark to further positive change.  

Underscoring the significance of this conference, the President of Portugal addressed the delegates.  The Mayor of Lisbon hosted a special dinner for all attendees. 

The link below might provide you with some insight on the conference and outcomes.  Gray Panthers is proud to have attended and to have made worthwhile contributions.

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