Gray Panthers Support Literacy For Older People

September 28, 2017


Proudly, Gray Panthers just co-sponsored an important forum on the ground-breaking initiative addressing Basic Literacy for Older Persons in Nepal.  Held at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, we heard from Dr. Helen Abadzi (world respected practitioner of adult education and cognitive concerns); Jack Kupferman (prime administrator for the Virginia Hazzard Legacy Fund and Gray Panthers NYC President), and Krishna Gautam (Executive Director of the always hardworking and innovative NGO – Ageing Nepal).

Our work confronting ageist attitudes and limitations span the globe.  Here, Gray Panthers is one of the prime administrators of the Virginia Hazzard Legacy Fund.

One of the most successful projects of the Fund is the current project addressing the important, but unrecognized, need for persons of all ages to be able to read and write.  In the West, we presume that almost everyone is literate.  Elsewhere, that is not the case.  Our partner in Nepal, Ageing Nepal, has taken the small impact grant provided by the Virginia Hazzard Fund, and has moved mountains.  Numerous older women are learning basic alphabet, words and numbers in Nepali.  With the direction of our mentor, Dr. Helen Abadzi, the first-ever textbook specifically designed for older learners has been developed.  Government education officials in Nepal are taking note of this imitative, with the potential of expansion.  Already, a second location for learners has been established.  And more.

Gray Panthers is justifiably proud.  We confront ageism – locally, nationally and globally. 

Can you please help us move forward?



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