NYS Nursing Home Audit by the NYS Comptroller

Important update!

You may recall that, two years ago, the New York State Comptroller’s Office completed a thorough audit of the effectiveness of the current system of penalties and fines in the NYS Nursing Home industry.  A letter from Gray Panthers requesting such an audit had been the catalyst for this important effort.  

The audit identified significant deficiencies, including lack of staffing, inadequate tracking systems, and more.  Now, in a recently-released follow-up report, the NYS Comptroller’s Office notified Gray Panthers to confirm that the NYS Department of Health (which administers many Nursing Home regulatory issues), has effectively adopted all of the Comptroller’s recommendations. The system is now working much better.  Our hope is that this improvement will result in better quality of care for nursing home residents, who are among our country’s most vulnerable.


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