Gray Panthers Summer Picnic

By: Brendan Birth, Intern

On Sunday, July 19, the Gray Panthers, NYC Network held a picnic at Bryant Park. The weather was gorgeous (if a little hot), the food was terrific, and the setting was a refreshing change-of-pace from what I attended a few days before the picnic: the United Nations’ 6th Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWGA). Furthermore, it was wonderful for me, an intern, to associate faces with the names I see in many of the Gray Panthers’ e-mails. Thank you to all who attended for making this picnic a wonderful experience.

The picnic was organized by Joan Davis and Jenny Olaya. 
Attended:  Ed Shaw, Lobi Redhawk, Jenny Olaya, Joan Davis, Brendan Birth, Frances Zainoeddin, Jack Kupferman, Wendl Kornfeld, Nydia Leaf, Barbara Bullard, Shiuho Lin and Renee Summerfield.

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