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▶︎ Gray Panthers Quoted by State Comptroller DiNapoli

Gray Panthers NYC thanks New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli for documenting the tremendous need that nursing home residents and families are experiencing in accessing advocates to represent them at a time when they are in most need. Nursing home residents need an advocate to go to with their concerns! Read DiNapoli's audit on the state Office for the Aging here.

▶︎ Gray Panthers in the News: Ageism at the Presidential Debate

Once again, Gray Panthers is in the news.  In the September Democratic Presidential debate, some nasty and ageist comments were thrown about.  Both the Boston Globe and MarketWatch reached out to Gray Panthers for comment.

▶︎ Gray Panthers in Teen Vogue

Once again, Gray Panthers is in the media, this time in Teen Vogue. As you read this article, you will see that the vision of Maggie Kuhn continues to be relevant.

▶︎ Gray Panthers Social Security & Medicare Intergenerational Advocacy Meeting

Health Care is the Issue for the 2020 Campaign.  Help Gray Panthers organize.

Download flyer here...

▶︎ Gray Panthers Forming a National Directory for Older Persons

Gray Panthers is compiling a directory of activist organizations from every state in the United States which advocate for the rights of older persons. The purpose of such a directory would be to make available a cohesive and complete database of organizations in order to encourage communication, advocacy and collaboration. The directory seeks to include not only organizations that advocate for the rights of older persons, but also those that advocate for other causes while highlighting older persons as key members of their activist base (i.e. Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, Elder Climate Action, Pension Rights, Human Rights of Older Persons, Rights of Widows, Violence against Women, etc.). Gray Panthers is interested in organizations with varying geographical scope, size, and focus in order to create the most comprehensive directory possible. 

In pursuit of creating this directory, please complete this survey with information about any given organization. Any information you might be able to provide would be enormously helpful for the mission of social justice through age justice. Additionally, please feel free to forward this survey to anyone that might have pertinent information. You can find the survey here: Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Please feel free to reach out to Jack Kupferman, Gray Panthers President, at or (917)535-0457 with any questions or additional information. 

▶︎ We run by the mirror; reflections on the human condition l Brynn April

Brynn April, one of the talented Gray Panthers interns from the 2018 class, has written this superb piece on how ageism affects ourselves. It is a beautiful and insightful piece. Worth your time.  It has been published online in the newsletter on ageing issues from the University of Melbourne, Australia.  Thank you, Brynn.

▶︎  Is 70 the new 50 for presidential candidates? l Stu Bykofsky
Despite millennialsʼ greater numbers, the gray heads are in the lead


A sizzling 76, former Vice President/U.S. Sen./Serial Hugger Joe Biden is expected to announce within days that he will make his third run for the White House.

His age will be an issue for some people. But why?

Heʼs a year younger than 77-year-old Bernie Sanders, who seems to get a

pass because we are used to him as a presidential contender. President Donald Trump is 72, and the titular leader of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, is 79. Read the Article...

▶︎  Gray Panthers March Against Big Pharma 

On Sunday March 3, 2019, Gray Panthers marched in a successful event to confront the price gouging of Big Pharma.  200 marchers descended on Pfizer’s global headquarters in New York City to clearly show that price gouging kills.   Not only is this an issue of ageism, where older persons are subject to discrimination based on their limited income, but also reinforces the obvious – accessible, affordable health care for all must be the American model.

▶︎  Gray Panthers in the Boston Globe 

Some people say that a presidential candidate can be "too old" and is lacking in ideas. Gray Panthers rejects that notion, and was recently featured in the Boston Globe for the belief that new ideas can and do come from older persons.

Read article here (PDF 184 KB)

▶︎  Join Gray Panthers in Efforts to Expand Social Security 

Gray Panthers heartedly supports this important effort to expand, not constrict, Social Security. Read about these efforts to legislatively expand Social Security. Each one of us should support this legislation and contact their representatives in support of this legislation.

▶︎  Gray Panthers Featured in Article on Fighting Ageism 

Anti-ageism efforts are gaining momentum; now what can be done to sustain them?

Something radical is happening in the civil rights movement against age discrimination. After years of enduring widespread social prejudice, older adults and their generational allies are becoming more aware of grassroots and establishment initiatives to promote aging as a natural and therefore acceptable condition of life, and these efforts are gaining momentum. Read on.

▶︎  Gray Panthers holds seminar on legal and financial concerns of aging 


View Photos of the event here...

Here is a note of thanks from Ron Fatoullah, following our successful seminar on legal and financial concerns of aging.  Confronting ageism often means planning ahead.  The 35 people attending were privileged to hear clear, focused discussion on planning tools as we all grow older.

“Thank you to everyone who braved the winter mix to attend my seminar with Gray Panthers and PSS Circle of Care! It was a great turnout and an opportunity to teach and educate New Yorkers about important legal and financial concerns of aging.  Due to the leadership and passion of President Jack Kupferman and all of the NYC Chapter members, the vision of Maggie Kuhn is alive today. The Gray Panthers continue to make strides in advocacy, bringing young and old together to take action and make a difference for everyone.

Thank you to Jack Kupferman and Beverly Lyons of Gray Panthers, New York, and Michelle Arnot of PSS Circle of Care for sponsoring this wonderful event.”

Ronald Fatoullah, Esq.

▶︎  Gray Panthers featured in story on combatting ageism  


Gray Panthers was recently featured in a media platform article. In the article, Gray Panthers discussed the importance of combatting ageism. Through this article, and other efforts, Gray Panthers continues to convey the message that combatting ageism is essential!

▶︎  Gray Panthers Advocates Against Medicare Drug Price Increases  

Gray Panthers understands that the price of prescription drugs is unbelievably high. Accessibility and affordability for prescription drugs under Medicare Part D must be of highest priority.  Yet, this current set of Congressional leaders seems intent to increase prescription drug prices for consumers, including those receiving benefits through Medicare. Gray Panthers is proud to support the effort to stop rolling back affordability provisions. To learn more about the Gray Panthers position on this important issue, please read this important letter and pass it on to leaders.

▶︎  GOOD TROUBLE Magazine  


Gray Panthers in print!  Check out the current issue of Good Trouble Magazine.  Gray Panthers and Jack Kupferman are featured for their activism and advocacy against ageism. Alongside other actiivists, this issue makes for a powerful collective portrait of the energy and work happening in this city at the moment. (The article is on the lower left hand side and you'll need to use your Zoom feature to read it.)

Download Article Here… 

▶︎  SAFE Disposal Events  

NYC hosts SAFE Disposal Events (Solvents, Automotive, Flammables, and Electronics) throughout the year in all five boroughs to give residents a location to drop off their harmful household products safely.

Download Flyer Here… 

Read More Here...

▶︎  Gray Panthers is at it again!

 As part of our efforts to combat ageism, and to ensure that the rights of older persons are heard, Gray Panthers organized and held an important forum at United Nations Headquarters in New York on how to ensure that domestic and global regulation of nursing home facilities is properly structured, administered, and responsive to the needs of all nursing home residents.


The focus of this year's Open Ended Working Group on Ageing had been on Long Term Care and Palliative Care.  

Our event was attended by diplomats, government ministry officials from around the world, delegates from NGOs, and advocates.  We're proud that the event was held during the first day of the OEWGA.  We're proud that all presentations provided a variety of perspectives on why civil society must always be the watchdog regarding nursing home regulation.  

This is a huge issue, both in the USA and globally, and particularly important for nations where long term care systems are emerging.  

A summary of the event can be found here.  We hope it spurs further action - here and throughout the world.  Please let us know if you can identify other distribution channels to disseminate it widely.

▶︎  Stakeholder Engagement in the HLPF and its Review in 2019


Gray Panthers made a huge contribution to this year’s High Level Political Forum (the essential global forum for review of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals). While our emphasis is on ensuring that the voice of older persons is not made silent, there is much to be done.  As a member of the Stakeholder Group on Ageing and on its own, Gray Panthers made important statements, participated in innumerable events, spoke up, and showed the world that older persons are always essential to the progress of the world.  The fabulous Gray Panthers summer interns helped immeasurably.

Presentations at HLPF 


A summary of an important event at the HLPF highlighting the need for continued and expanded voice of civil society in this critically important forum is included here View two video presentations made during the HLPF here. 

There is a threat that the voice of the people will be scaled back.  Gray Panthers fights back.  Frances Zainoeddin, along with Jack Kupferman, Sylvia Beales and others, is helping to lead the way.

▶︎  NYTimes: Maggie Kuhn, the activist and founder of the Gray Panthers, an American advocacy organization for the elderly, born on this day in Buffalo in 1905.

Today, August 3, 2018, the New York Times celebrates the birth of Maggie Kuhn, founder of Gray Panthers. Appropriately so.  The passion, effectiveness and advocacy of Maggie Kuhn’s life is needed today.  Gray Panthers confronts ageism and confronts the wrong-headed developments in the world.  Today, we face the onslaught of hatred, lack of compassion, and the destruction of all that is good in the USA.  Gray Panthers fights back. And, we should follow the example of Maggie Kuhn – 

 “Power should not be concentrated in the hands of so few, and powerlessness in the hands of so many.” Maggie Kuhn

NY Times - Back Story

Scott Stewart/Associated Press

If anyone could prove that age is nothing but a number, it was Maggie Kuhn.

The activist and founder of the Gray Panthers, an American advocacy organization for the elderly, was born on this day in Buffalo in 1905.

In 1970, after working for the Presbyterian Church in New York for a quarter of a century, Miss Kuhn retired, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 65.

As a result, she worked with fellow retirees to start a group that would be called the Gray Panthers (a reference to the Black Panthers), which worked to bridge the gap between the young and the old and addressed other social issues.

Miss Kuhn remained involved with the organization until her death at age 89 in 1995.

“I’m an old woman,” she told The Times in 1972. “I have gray hair, many wrinkles and arthritis in both hands. And I celebrate my freedom from bureaucratic restraints that once held me.”

She embraced her age and was unapologetic about it.

On her 85th birthday, she told a group of seniors in Vermont in 1991: “I made a sacred vow that I would do something outrageous, at least once a week.”

Claire Moses wrote today’s Back Story. Read more here...

▶︎  Gray Panthers opposes efforts to dismantle America’s safety net programs.

July 16, 2018


Gray Panthers is opposed to efforts of this presidential administration to dismantle and destroy the Social Security programs and other essential aspects of America’s safety net programs.  Today’s evil doing is the Executive Order seeking to make administrative law judges political appointees as opposed to being based on merit based experience.  Because these Administrative Law Judges review cases of older persons and the disabled, this change represents just another effort at creating ageist policies targeting older persons.  ALJs review cases of Social Security Disability and other aspects of the Social Security Act.  Attached is the Gray Panthers letter to the US House of Representatives Rules Committee members opposing this terrible Executive Order. Download letter here...

▶︎  Ageing and Age-Disaggregated Data

June 26, 2018

Gray Panthers is honored to participate in the first official meeting of a new global commission on “Ageing and Age-Disaggregated Data” held on June 26, 2018 in Chichester, England.  Reliable data on older persons is often too hard to find.  Around the world, information on older persons is not event collected.   

This is, perhaps, one of the most important methods to confront ageism.  At its core, ageism is the invisibility of older persons.  Without reliable data, there cannot be effective policies and programs for older persons.

Enthusiasm is high. Many countries and NGOs are eager to participate.  38 countries are represented at this first meeting.  Data collection is complex and may be boring to many, yet the accompanying standard of expertise here is very high and always careful. 

Gray Panthers will be among the NGO’s working toward improving the quality of data and information regarding older persons.  What an honor for us.  

One of the most important innovations in the Sustainable Development Goals had been the requirement that several dimensions, including by age, should separate data. 

Gray Panthers had been intimately involved in the advocacy to assure that the concerns of older persons would be explicitly included in the Sustainable Development Goals. We can now draw a line from the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals to this new global commission.  

Would you like to help us make the world a less ageist one? 

▶︎  Three Things Millennials Should Invest In

One of our own and our best, Wendl Kornfeld, offers millennials sage advice for now and for the future.  This just published interview in Forbes is a great read. Aging affects all of us, from cradle to grave.  Wendl provides practical tips to help ensure a healthier life of longevity.

Read article here...

Gray Panthers NYC sends its love and appreciation to Wendl.

▶︎  Gray Panthers joined New Yorkers at the March for Our Lives

Gray Panthers joined an estimated 200,000 other New Yorkers at the March for Our Lives demonstration on March 24. Our banner drew lots of attention, with many people appreciating our support for young people. We explained that we fight ageism in all its forms. The march demonstrated that stereotypes of young people as thoughtless, self-absorbed and irresponsible are wrong. John Bloch wrote us, “I remain humbled and inspired by their mature ability to mobilize for a cause that affects them specifically, and all of us.” 

Likewise, it is ageist to stereotype older people as disengaged from the world. Our presence at the march showed our solidarity with people of all ages. Janet Karim reports that she was met with numerous women who wanted to take pictures of her sign.

Our participation was covered by media as far away as Malawi (http ://www . maravipost . com/my-take-on-it-students-organize-global-march-for-our-lives-protest-rally/) and by Brooklyn College journalism students who interviewed Jack Kupferman about Gray Panthers. https://www . youtube . com/watch?v=AsVkFdbAJgc&t

▶︎  Important update! – NYS Nursing Home Audit by the NYS Comptroller

You may recall that, two years ago, the New York State Comptroller’s Office completed a thorough audit of the effectiveness of the current system of penalties and fines in the NYS Nursing Home industry.  A letter from Gray Panthers requesting such an audit had been the catalyst for this important effort.  

The audit identified significant deficiencies, including lack of staffing, inadequate tracking systems, and more.  Now, in a recently-released follow-up report, the NYS Comptroller’s Office notified Gray Panthers to confirm that the NYS Department of Health (which administers many Nursing Home regulatory issues), has effectively adopted all of the Comptroller’s recommendations. The system is now working much better.  Our hope is that this improvement will result in better quality of care for nursing home residents, who are among our country’s most vulnerable.

▶︎  The Charity Fighting For A Generation,  February 6, 2018 | by Emma Guy 


In 2018 it is easy for a voice to go unheard, but in today's turbulent society, in an ageing population, The Gray Panthers refuse to let ageism encompass the world we live in.

When Maggie Kuhn founded the Gray Panthers in 1970, she was vigorously resisting a forced retirement and it wasn’t long before Gray Panthers expanded their activism and advocacy to focus on more issues, including cuts to Medicare and Social Security and protesting the Viet Nam War, the latter bringing many enthusiastic young people into the organization.

But 48 years later, how is the world coping with a growing ageing population?

Jack Kupferman, a lifelong advocate for older persons, currently serves as President of Gray Panthers, NYC Network and he states it’s a matter of urgency. After spending his childhood at the family-run rest home for the elderly in Rockland County, New York, Jacks passion for activism came to life after spending time with many fascinating personalities, with infinite stories to tell.

Read the Article here…

We’re pleased as punch!  The work of Gray Panthers is the highlight of this month’s issue of Evade Magazine.   Please, give us your thoughts.


Gray Panthers was honored to be a member of the Leadership Committee for the January 20, 2018 Women’s March in NYC.  Once again, this year’s Women’s March marks an important and visible reflection of the power of women of all ages, and their allies.  As marchers, Gray Panthers is proud to have been among the first contingents of the parade.  We were represented by more than 40 members – a substantial presence.  More than 200,000 women, along with their allies, marched down Central Park West and Sixth Avenue to demonstrate that their voices must be heard; that active participation in the political process and following their passions is critical in today’s world.  We are here to show that the veil of invisibility must be lifted, so that the gifts and talents of older women (and their allies) can continue to make positive contributions.  

Here are a few comments from Gray Panthers marchers.

Lee:              Buoyed by all the spirit and voices of women around me, determined to March with canes, in wheel chairs, rickety and wobbly but MARCHING. Saw Yoko Ono being buoyed by her friends on each side. She was determined, like all of us, to show up. Not beautiful, not lithe and young but WOMEN who care about quality of life for all. So we get old with a little help from our friends.  Thank you Gray Panthers for holding a space for us. Otherwise I couldn't participate.

Nydia:            The weather was made to order and it was another remarkable New York City day of solidarity among people of all ages. A display of caring enough to demand what is most important in life: the opportunity to live and work together for a common goal of justice and peace with empathy. 

Sally:              My fellow marchers who went with the Gray Panthers and I really appreciated the work you did connecting with the Disability Caucus. Getting into the march was hassle-free and it was wonderful being so close to the inspiring, moving speakers!

Barbara:        I was heartened by the number of people under forty who were marching.   They're necessary if our work will continue to live on. 

View photos here …

▶︎ Maggie Kuhn Award presented to Gray Panthers NYC

Gray Panthers NYC was honored and thrilled to be a recipient of the 2016 Maggie Kuhn Award, presented annually since 1995 by PSS.  The award was accepted by Jack Kupferman and Joan Davis on May 5, 2016 at The Harvard Club.  The eponymous Maggie Kuhn was the founder of Gray Panthers in the early 1970s, a revolutionary movement of young and old in action. Gray Panthers NYC’s Action and Advocacy Against Ageism continues to stand and fight for a society more just and humane for people of all ages. [GP NYC award starts around 12:00 into the video.]

Read Joan Davis’ remarks here ...


Change the Way you Think About Age!

Madeline Scotto - 101, Ida Keeling - 100, Lilian Pollak - 100 and Maude Pettus- 101 are sharing their stories, their views on ageing and their plans for the future in an inspiring video!

You think you know what it means to be 100 years old? Centenarians have busy, fulfilling lives and they set future goals for themselves. Meet some unforgettable centenarians who are proof that older persons are vital resources—not burdens. Inspired by the work of the legendary Gray Panthers and the NGO Committee on Ageing, and produced by the office of the UN Focal Point on Ageing at the United Nations, this video will be the highlight of your day.

Read More Here: Ella Mae Colbert, 100

and Here: Ida Keeling, 101

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